How We Do Business

Our primary goal with every customer is to fix a business need. It’s very important to us as a company that we’re clear about that with all of our prospects. Clear goals help set the proper expectations.

Sometimes the answer is technical in nature, but not always. Sometimes what seems to be an intractable business problem has a simple solution we’ve discovered from working with another industry. Other times it’s not so simple, and we’ll dig in to find out both why it happened and how it can be fixed.

It is also important to note that Skeleton Key is solution-agnostic. This was a founding principle of how we do business, and it allows us the freedom to identify the best solution for you instead of the best solution a particular vendor has available.

This is the philosophy we bring to each customer:

  • We set expectations based on where you are and where you want to go. Every client is unique, and has their own criteria for success.
  • We ask lots of questions and dig deep to understand the real problem. It identifies underlying issues and obstacles earlier and shortens solution delivery times.
  • We document everything, both for you and for ourselves. It makes you more independent, as you’re not “locked-in” to using us in the future.
  • We don’t expect you to jump into the biggest technology project your company has ever undertaken with a group you barely know. Given the opportunity, we will earn your trust.
  • Something you should know: we’re honest. Blatant, crazy, honest. It’s the only way to really get things done.
  • Our process is designed to help you determine what an acceptable investment is for your business, because not all businesses are created the same. We will, without hesitation, tell you not to waste your resources on projects that don’t meet your needs.

"I appreciate your response and more importantly the work that you have done and will continue to do for us. You guys are everything that my colleague said you were. Professional, honest and great at what you do."Rick Holton, The Selling Block