Technology Consulting

We believe the right technology solution requires an open and flexible mind, as well as willingness to both question assumptions and consider alternative approaches before making decisions.

We’ve worked through problems in a wide variety of fields, and thinking about how different kinds of companies address challenges allows us to bring a fresh perspective to customers.

The following skills permit us to deliver unparalleled results:

  • Integration. We are one of the few I.T. providers experienced in both Windows and Macintosh support. Whether you want to integrate a handful of Macs into a Windows Active Directory environment or add a Windows server to your Mac shop, you’ll find that nobody makes Macs and PCs play nicely better than Skeleton Key. Do you need to add a Unix or Linux server to the mix? Integrated backup? Comprehensive power management? No problem.
  • Enterprise perspective. Having worked in-house at large companies, our staff understands that following standards and doing things right the first time saves money and headaches in the long run. We don’t put band-aids on our customers’ problems. We analyze them, help customers choose the best solutions, and then implement as efficiently as possible.
  • Documentation. We document everything we do, from the planning phase through execution. Well written, up-to-date documentation helps us do our job well and saves customers time and money. Some of our customers take the documentation we prepare and use it to manage their technology themselves, and that’s fine with us. We’re happy to share our knowledge with customers and make them more independent because we know that means they’re more likely to ask us to work with them on challenging projects in the future.

"We have a small group of Mac users and my internal I.T. team is more comfortable in a Windows environment. Skeleton Key supports our Mac users and assists my team in keeping them fully integrated into the infrastructure. Skeleton Key has always been easy to work with, knowledgeable and focused on my needs. I highly recommend them."Ellen Smith, Arcturis