FileMaker Consultants and Application Developers

We’re particularly good at isolating problems quickly, and understanding how addressing one challenge fits into your overall information strategy.

To best serve you, we become ‘subject matter experts’ in how your business operates, which includes understanding the technical, financial, political, and human factors that drive your company.

We absolutely love FileMaker because it allows us to respond to your needs and develop the right solution quickly, without sacrificing quality or flexibility.

In fact, we base our entire development environment on these factors:

  • Passion. We hire developers who truly understand and love FileMaker® Pro software because their passion for the platform, combined with our customers’ knowledge of their business, makes a wonderful combination.
  • Simplicity. We design powerful and elegant applications without unnecessary bells and whistles.
  • Speed. Business changes on a dime. Shouldn’t your software be prepared to respond to those changes? We create applications that meet the needs of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow.
  • Quality. Your decisions will be only as good as the information upon which they’re based, so we build only the highest quality applications that deliver reliable information both quickly and accurately.
  • Flexibility. We’re also prepping you for the future. We’re expert integrators of FileMaker with PHP, mobile platforms, physical devices, MySQL, etc.

"Skeleton Key has provided us with an insightful strategic view of our needs and has never failed to deliver more than I expected. They are a rare group in my experience."Jim Moorkamp, PGAV