FileMaker Coaching Services

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.
- Buddhist Proverb

It’s time. Time to start that new database. Time to dust off the old database and extend it. Time to tackle that thorny and elusive bug that keeps cropping up at the worst possible time. Game time. Go time.

  • Are you confident enough in your FileMaker skills to jump right in?
  • Can your budget afford you more time than money?
  • Do you simply want to get it done yourself?
  • Do you long for the pride of building something powerful?
  • Do you need just a little (okay, maybe a lot of) help?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions: We’ve got you covered!

We’ll be your one-on-one tactical resource. You can leverage the skills of Skeleton Key’s senior development team to build a FileMaker database on your own while improving your own skills and supporting your team.

We’ll hold coaching sessions over the phone or via screen sharing tools to get you through the tough spots and make sure you’re still pointed in the right direction. We’ll lead the session and talk you through the approaches we’d utilize to solve each of the dilemmas you’ve brought to the session.

Interested? Shoot us an e-mail or call at 314.353.4300 with questions and to get started.