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FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced     On December 3rd, FileMaker, Inc. introduced the new FileMaker 13 Platform, which adds more than 50 new features. These new features allow us to create even better solutions with: Richer, more intuitive interfaces to your

The Paperless Form: Data Collection With iPad and iPhone

Date: December 10, 2013
Time: 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM Central Time
Location: Skeleton Key: 3260 Hampton, Suite 200, St. Louis, MO 63139
Price: Free and Lunch is included. Must register to attend.

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Few businesses are truly leveraging the iPad or iPhone. In many cases these devices are used for little more than email or surfing the web.

We’ll demonstrate how easy it is to do so much more with iPad and iPhone by showcasing practical examples of what’s possible using a custom business solution. We’ll show you how iPad and iPhone can not just replace, but wholly transcend traditional paper forms and related tools. Finally, we’ll demo just how quickly a custom solution can be built and deployed.

6 Ways Your Business Can Use iPads

6 Ways Your Business Can Use iPads

We’ve heard most people agree that iPads are awesome personal-productivity tools. We’ve also heard that it isn’t always so easy to use them to bring your business together as a more cohesive and profitable whole. For example, I love checking my email in the park. What else can I do besides checking email, to help my business run while sitting at the park or anyplace else? How can you leverage the resource of the iPad to help your business run, wherever you are? Let’s take a look at a few ways our clients are making productive use of iPads and how they have become highly valuable tools for their business.

FMRPC: How Easy Is Installation and Setup?


FMRPC makes FileMaker Pro and Go perform much faster over the Internet, and it lets FileMaker Go run plugins; but, how hard is it to install and setup?

Take a look at the following three (3) short videos to get a better idea of just how simple it is to start using the power of FMRPC in your solutions.


When you download the FMRPC demo, the folder will contain:

  • FMRPC_Demo.fmp12
  • Mac Installer.pkg
  • Mac Uninstaller.pkg
  • WindowsInstaller.exe
  • readme.txt

Watch me install FMRPC on a Mac in this video:

Post FM Academy Webinar Recap – Keep It Clean: Using the Database Design Report to Assist in Cleaning Your Database

Thanks to everyone that joined us on August 20 for this webinar. Here’s a brief summary of the topics that our host, Jerry Salem at IT Solutions discussed:

  • Strategies to keep even complex databases in check.
  • How to use the Database Design Report built into FileMaker Pro Advanced to find unused relationships, layouts, and fields.
  • Review of some important exceptions when removing things.

If you’d like to see a comprehensive summary of the Q& A portion of the webinar, click here.

To view all of our available webinar recap videos, visit our FM Academy YouTube Channel.

FMRPC Update: v1.02 Now Available and Discounted Price Reduction Ends Saturday, August 31st!

FMRPC allows a FileMaker user to run intensive operations on the FileMaker Server and on demand. This happens without the need for any plug-ins, server-side queues or server-side schedules. In addition, FMRPC expands the functionality of the FileMaker clients (both Pro and Go), enabling them to do things they simply can’t do on their own (e.g., call server-side plug-ins and perform native JDBC/ODBC commands on hosted databases). Finally, FMRPC is totally secure and simple to install.

FMRPC 20% Price Reduction Ends August 31st!

  • Workgroup (10 users, 2 files, 1 server) normally $295, now $236 (through 8/31/2013)
  • Enterprise (unlimited users, files, server) normally $495, now $396 (through 8/31/2013)
  • Solution Bundle (unlimited users, files, server per instance of solution) normally $1,495, now $1,196 (through 8/31/2013)
  • Hosting (unlimited users, files, server) Contact Us

FM Academy Webinar – Keep It Clean: Using the Database Design Report to Assist in Cleaning Your Database

Join us next Tuesday, August 20, for a free one-hour webinar at 2pm (EST) / 1pm (CST) / 11am (PST).

Now is a great time to assess your database. Is it clean? Do you have layouts that no one is using anymore? Are you scared to open the relationship graph because it is so confusing? There are probably plenty of unused relationships or duplicate relationships that are making the relationship graph appear more complicated than it is. We will discuss strategies to keep even complex databases in check. We will learn how to use the Database Design Report built into FileMaker Pro Advanced to find unused relationships, layouts, and fields. We will also review some important exceptions when removing things.

Managing FileMaker Pro Preferences Using Group Policies

The following is a shared blog from Oliver Block, Brightsource IT

Skeleton Key, builds custom applications for companies who can’t find off-the-shelf software to meet their needs. Some of the applications they build are created in FileMaker Pro. Unfortunately, FileMaker Pro does not come with a tool to centrally manage FileMaker Pro preferences on multiple workstations or even for multiple users on the same system, e.g. in a Terminal Server or Citrix XenApp environment.

Quickly Navigating to a Specific Record Within a Found Set

Recently I needed to have a FileMaker Pro 12 script navigate to a particular record within the found set after performing some action. There are several situations where this could occur, such as a scripted Extend Found Set or Constrain Found Set or perhaps when looping through the found set and either omitting, deleting, or duplicating certain records.

My first thought was to simply capture the ID of the current record at the beginning of the script and then loop through the found set at the end of the script and exit the loop on the correct record. What I discovered was that this was unacceptably slow with larger record sets. So here’s a better method. (By the way, thanks to Jeremy Bante and Jesse Barnum who both reminded me that this technique is called a binary search.)

FMRPC: Alternate Demo file and a performance tip

We’ve had a number of requests for the ‘Teaser’ file I used in the YouTube videos where we showcased FMRPC. This blog post explains how that file is constructed, and lets you download it and take it for a test drive yourself. You’ll find this file has less educational content and complexity than the demo file we ship with FMRPC, so consider it an alternative demo file that tries to make the scripting easier to follow and recreate in your own solutions.

We’ve also had some feedback about how Native vs FMRPC operations stack up over time. This blog will also provide a little insight into how you’ll get the most out of FMRPC if you first understand how FileMaker moves data over the LAN/WAN.