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Join Our FileMaker St. Louis User Group: FileMaker STL

You are invited to join our local FileMaker User Group. This group is for experienced FileMaker Devs, FileMaker users who’ve poked around under the hood and want to dive into development, and anyone else who wants to learn more about FileMaker. We aim to cover general FileMaker development, advanced techniques, plugin integration, external data access, external tool integration, etc. It’s really easy to build a crappy FileMaker app; but, with a bit of know-how, it’s just as easy to build a killer one. FileMaker STL will help you get there.

Join us on Tuesday, May 27 at 6pm as we relaunch a regular gathering for FileMaker developers in St. Louis. We’ll kick off the meeting with some pizza and drinks and an opportunity to get to know other FileMaker developers in our area.

You Are Invited: Backup & Disaster Recovery for Small Business – Lunch & Learn

Event registration for Backup and Disaster Recovery for Small Business powered by Eventbrite

Friday, January 24, 2014
11am – 1pm


Leveraging Google Chrome for iOS with FileMaker Go

Ever so often, I’ll run across a tip that I think would be a great way to extend FileMaker Go outside of its sandbox. Recently, it was a tip from Google about opening links in Chrome from iOS. I wondered if there was a situation that, as a FileMaker Developer, I could use the method in a solution…? Turned out, I didn’t have to look any farther than an internal tool we use here at Skeleton Key. The following video will demonstrate just what I mean:

Path to Certification : When the Student is Ready…

As part of my recent on-boarding process at Skeleton Key, I immediately began training for FileMaker certification. Fast forward 2 months, I am FileMaker Certified in 10 and 11.

Christopher Schmitz FileMaker 11 Certification

My training consisted of four main interactive methods:

  • Absorbing the FileMaker Training Series book
  • Participating in FileMaker-specific webinars
  • Receiving one-on-one FileMaker Coaching
  • Researching ‘FileMaker’ to broaden my scope on topic details not expanded on in other study materials

Together, these methods prepared me for both tests, each within a week of each other. I’ll take you through each method after I talk about experience